A cenotaph honors the erstwhile actor George G. Nader

Anyone who is a fan of old cinema knows about George Garfield Nader. Born in Pasadena in 1921 and died in Palm Springs in 2002, Nader had a busy and fruitful life. Nader is among the best known actors from the gay community who ousted themselves in the 80s.

Nader has had his name tagged with many female actors of his time; however, he always formally rejected this claim. Event hough he never came out with his homosexuality before 1986, he never partook in any sham to appear non homosexual.

This is quite possibly one of the reasons why he has a cenotaph dedicated to his memory in Forest Lawn Cemetery of Cathedral City. His cenotaph is right beside his lifelong partner Mark Miller’s and his steadfast friend Rock Hudson.

Nader left Hollywood after a tabloid “Confidential Magazine’ threatened to print about his homosexual relations with Hudson. In actuality, Nader and Hudson were always friends as Nader was faithful to his partner and Hudson’s secretary Miller. Nader moved to Europe where he continued his acting career successfully till a car accident rendered him unable to work in front of bright lights.

He authored a book called ‘Chrome’ which was based on erotic same sex relations between a human and a robot. The book gained vast publicity and went in for 6 repeat printings. After moving to Palm Springs after receiving Hudson’s estate, Miller and Nader together co-authored another book based on the gay community.

‘The Perils of Paul’ was based on real life episodes of Hollywood. The book was self-published in late 1999. The last public appearance of Nader was in 2001 at 1st Annual Palm Springs Festival where he received a standing ovation as well.

Nader passed away in February 2002 when he was diagnosed by a mysterious bacterial infection.