There were many noteworthy movies acted in by George Nader. He starred as a supporting role to some of the big names in Hollywood such as Hudson, Chandler etc. His career started with, ‘Rustlers on Horseback’ in 1950. Around the same time he showed up in front of an audience in ‘summer and smoke’, a play in Pasadena Playhouse.

He had a big parts in many other movies such as Tim Holt Western, Overland Telegraph (1951), and a dramatization, Monsoon (1952) before this. He had little parts in You’re in the Navy Now (1951), The Prowler (1951), Take Care of My Little Girl (1951), The Desert Fox: The Story of Rommel (1951), and Two Tickets to Broadway (1951). These were really small parts and there are others in which he wasn’t even credited.

He starred in an assortment of movie roles such as Phone Call from a Stranger (1952), Congo Crossing (1956), and The Female Animal (1958). However, one of his all time performance, which became a life changer for him was his starring role in ‘Robot Monster’ (1953).

He also did a variety of TV shows and featured in many arrangements such as NBC’s ‘The Man and the Challenge’ (1959– 60), ‘The Further Adventures of Ellery Queen’ and ‘Shannon’

He was soon picked up by Universal, however, always cast in the shadow of other actors such as Hudson and Chandler. His movies of that period from Universal are 1954’s “Jubilee Story” and “Sins of Jezebel” and 1956’s “Away All Boats.”

In 60s, Hudson moved to Germany, where he starred in a series of films as a FBI operator “Jerry Cotton”. At the same time he continued his stint on TV screens as well. In the 70s Nader met with a car accident which put an end to his acting career. His last movie was Nakia, a television film in which he played the role of ‘McMasters’.