George Garfield Nader was born to Alice Scott from Kansas and George G. Nader from Illinois. Nader’s father had Lebanese roots which gave him the looks and built much desired for in the movie business. His acting was learnt in Occidental college and his career started with plays on stage in Pasadena Playhouse.

This is also where he met his life partner Mark Miller. For years to come till death, Mark and Nader were a strong team. No amount of hardships or scandals could tear them apart. When Nader was struggling to build himself a name in the industry, Miller was working hard to pay the bills. After bagging a contract with Universal, George Nader was befriended by Rock Hudson. Even though, Hudson and Nader were fast friends they were never romantically involved.

A tabloid, ‘Confidential’ though still tarnished their image by portraying such relations between the two. At that time Hudson was an ‘A’ list actor while Nader was only ‘B’ grade. Universal, thinking of damage control, blamed the entire controversy upon Nader and cut a deal. This was the end of Nader’s career in Hollywood and he moved to Europe.

Hudson and Nader continued their friendship even after the scandal. What’s more, Hudson hired Miller on his secretary to save the couple from financial problems. During the late 70s when Hudson was dying of a complication related to AIDS, Nader and Miller stepped in to take care of him. Hudson left a major portion of his assets to Nader and Miller.

This is also when George Nader moved back to the states and set up a home in Palm Springs. This is where he wrote 2 of his best books; ‘Chrome’ and ‘Perils of Paul’. He was admitted to a nursing home in September, 2001 where he died of many complications to his body on 4 February, 2002.