Unfortunately for George Nader there were many well-established actors on the payroll with Universal. George Nader was reduced to being cast in supporting or cameo roles. Never one to be disheartened, George Nader did his best and made a mark on the public. George Nader was the only actor of that time who came on screen with his chest hair intact and was loved by the public.

In his personal life, George Nader was a committed homosexual who never faked a relation with any woman to keep the tabloids off his back. The homosexual scene back then was pretty strict with ostracizing at the very best.

George Nader fell to the venom of a tabloid called ‘Confidential’ and was forced to quit his career in Hollywood and move to Europe. There George Nader acted in a series of movies and TV shows. After a car accident, George Nader was, unfortunately, unable to work in front of bright lights.

George Nader retired from the acting scene and came back to the States with his partner Mark Miller. There George Nader wrote a bestseller ‘Chrome’ in 1978 which went in for another 6 publications. George Nader was hospitalized in September 2001 in a nursing home where he passed away peacefully in February 2002.

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